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Teen Tour Memories

Make your summer one to remember with a teen tour from American Trails West. North, South, East and West, experience the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe like never before. From an array of special attractions to thrilling entertainment, with a teen tour from American Trails West, you'll always be in the center of the action.

To learn more about our teen tour offerings, follow this link: Teen Tour Offerings

Teen Tour Transportation

When you travel with American Trails West, you travel in state-of-the-art style. Our deluxe motorcoach comes equipped with amenities such as air-conditioning and reclining seats. It is also equipped with video and stereo sound systems as well as panoramic windows so you don't miss anything your teen tour has to offer.

If your teen tour included any flights, all air travel is by regularly scheduled jet. We never use charters! With American Trails West, you always travel in style.

Teen Tour Activities

When you travel with American Trails West, you don't have to leave behind your favorite summer activities. Every teen tour provides travelers with ample time for sports and recreational activities. From a game of softball to tossing a Frisbee, with American Trails West, we supply the time and equipment, you provide the energy and enthusiasm.

The American Trails West Teen Tour Difference

What is it about an American Trails West teen tour that makes it so extraordinary? Is it the fabulous combination of great sightseeing and incredible activities? Is it the fabulous facilities and food? Is it the one-of-a-kind trip communication center? It's all this and more! With American Trails West you simply get the finest teen tour program in America.

To learn more about American Trails West and our teen tour offerings, please follow this link: ATW Teen Tour


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