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5 Star Camping An ATW Teen Tours Exclusive


Custom Designed "ATW Teen Tours" Cabin Tents
Your Room With A View!

Designed by American Trails West Teen Tours specifically for its camping program, our large walk-in cabin tents are of one-piece construction. Each tent features a thick vinyl floor, double reinforced roof and four-way ventilation.

Comfortable Cots & Mattresses
A Great night's Sleep

After an exciting day of adventure, just slip into your sleeping bag on your comfortable cot and mattress for a great night’s sleep. On an ATW Teen Tours Camping, Hotel and Dorm Trip, sleeping on the ground or on the floor of your tent is an option, not a requirement!

Unique "ATW Teen Tours Chuckwagons"
Serve 3 Delicious All-You-Can-Eat Meals Daily

Serving three great meals a day plus snacks, our unique "chuckwagon" supply truck and its special staff travels with each Camping, Hotel and Dorm Trip. Our ATW Teen Tours Camping Cookbook is a well guarded secret enhanced by years of practical experience. We provide all you can eat of the finest food bought fresh daily.

The Finest Quality Camping Equipment
Methodically Maintained At Our Equipment Distribution Center

Our ATW Teen Tours camping equipment is unequalled! Our supply trucks are creatively designed at our Equipment Distribution Center to insure that each ATW Teen Tours trip is totally self-contained. We never depend on campgrounds to provide us with their equipment which is used by the general public. Everything we need travels along with us, so we can guarantee its safety and cleanliness.

Personally Selected Choice Camp Grounds
Featuring Fabulous Facilities & Magnificent Natural Wonders

Your ATW Teen Tours adventure camps in magnificent National Parks and beautiful private campgrounds. All of our campgrounds are in choice locations and feature modern facilities and a host of recreational activities. Camp by a stream, in a valley, on the beach, in a forest, or on the shore of a sparkling lake, and you will experience over four decades of creativity, innovation and imagination...



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